Stockholm & Poland

…because why not?

I didn’t expect anything. But, I was pleasantly surprised…not because of how beautiful the places were, but because of how they made me feel.

Stockholm was sad. It was picturesque, and unique in that it is a city made of islands. It was utopic – the government, the metro, the university – everything seemed perfect. But it felt sad. Maybe it was a combination of the darkness and the cold. I guess I really am a tropical girl. But, the people brought the warmth. ME3 is family…a crazy family.

Poland felt like a post-soviet film, very different from the chateaus of France. It was amazing. Delicious and cheap food – we ate like kings! Alcohol everywhere. And all the Polish people we met were nice, but not in a pushover kind of way. Sassy but kind. History was seeping all over the place. I don’t think you can leave Poland without being amazed at how resilient these people are.

If you are going to Europe, I would say – go to Poland! It is charming, cheap, and is quite the experience. It wouldn’t just be a site-seeing tour, but a trip you actually learn from and feel something about. ♦



Restaurant: Zapiecek (not to be confused with the large restaurant chain)

Small and cozy restaurant (often full!), with good and cheap food. Best meal I had in the entire trip.

Krakow AirBnB:

Spacious and cheap, walking distance to everything. Super complete + balcony + traditional building.

So we got to Krakow super late, and the host had us picked up from the bus station. The guy who picked us up is apparently also a tourist guide so he was “touring” us and giving recommendations on the way from the terminal to the AirBnB. Even gave us a ride to the restaurant. Good guy.

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  1. “I don’t think you can leave Poland without being amazed at how resilient these people are.”

    Agree. When I was there, they were receiving pilgrims by the millions from all over the world. The city was packed that the best way to get around was to walk. The walks were damn long. Rain made mud cling to our shoes. I felt like crying many times, but the locals weren’t bothered by all these. Then I realized, my tiny pains would never feel legitimate in this place. I would be WHINING. Haha.

    I love the place and the Poles nonetheless, they’re the most resilient people. 🙂

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