Five Years

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You are the most sensible decision of my life.

From the beginning, our relationship has always been drama-free. Yes, there was the denial and pakiramdaman phase. But once we you admitted how we needed to be a part of each other’s lives, it was easy. Every day of the five years with you felt right. And even in our worst “fights”, I knew. I was sure they were going to pass, because at the end of everything, the only place I truly belong to is with you.

You bring out the best in me.

You support me 10,000% in all my endeavors. In college, you kept up with my crazy schedule. When I was working, you waited for me every time I OT-ed, braved the Manila traffic, while I slept in the passenger’s seat. Now, somehow, you make the opposite-time-zone-irregular-shift thing work. You never made me feel alone.

At the same time, you give me the bitch-slapping I need every once in a while. You teach me patience and humility – the two things I lack the most. I sincerely feel like a 1,000x better human being, because I have to be, to deserve you.

You are my best friend.

I could not think of a more genuine moment than when we are together. I can be my intense, organised, go-getter self; and then a lazy-ass couch potato the next minute. I can share with you all my hopes and dreams; and afterwards be unapologetically childish. I can go on an on obsessing over you, and also gush about my other thousand crushes with you. You accept me all the same.

You make me believe in love.

Your naivety(?) or your optimism…it is contagious. I am a realist – the “won’t-believe-it-‘til-I-see-it” type. And you are too – very pragmatic bordering on anal. But when it comes to love, or to happiness, you make it so simple. Walang keme o inarte. Kahit kalian, hindi ako natakot na mag-“all-in” kasi alam kong ikaw, kayang-kaya mong ibuhos lahat. That’s it! You are brave. And your courage gives me strength, more than you realize.


I think that five years is a milestone for us, not because it is five years. But because of where we are in our individual lives. We literally #adulted together. And now, there are exciting times ahead. Many opportunities have opened, and many more will come. We will meet new people, and we will continue to be in different places. We will explore the world, but from its opposite sides. So, I guess, five years is a good time to reevaluate: Do we still want to go through life together? Can we continue to commit? Will we choose to love each other, every single day? For me, the answer is and will always be…

yes. ♦

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