Dear Autumn

You remind me of my first love – beautiful and sad.

You gave me release from the scorching summer. It was intense and it burned me; but you soothed the pain. It was when I understood that love didn’t have to be blinding to be brilliant. You were constantly gentle, until you weren’t.

You showed me the beauty in change, and in goodbyes. You transformed plain leaves into extraordinary colors. At our peak, you brought out the best in me. Until all the leaves fell, and all that remained were my empty branches. But that too was beautiful. You left me bare, and in this vulnerability I came to recognize who I was without you. I never realized the strength I truly possessed…until you were gone.

I learned the necessity of loneliness. Of melancholy. After you was a long period of cold and of darkness. But the mere memory of you made me endure. If something as beautiful as you could happen, then what reason would it be for this winter not to end?

Autumn, I loved you in the best way I knew how. I am sorry, because I know it wasn’t enough. I still love you, and I always will. In ways different than before. In full appreciation, and in selfless awe of your wonder.

Autumn, thank you for allowing me to be your witness.

You will always be my favorite season.

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