Why “Never Stop Looking Up”?

I think different people have different “compasses”. These may be people, objects, or concepts that help us figure out life when we feel lost. Maybe like Littlefinger’s game of asking himself what the worst motive can be for people’s actions. Your compass is also the thing that can reawaken your humanity after you have been turned into a zombie in the apocalypse. Compasses are like that, except they are way less dark (hopefully). Mine would be looking up to the sky. Why?

The sky reminds me of how infinitely insignificant I am.

Sometimes I get so engrossed about my work and studies, believing how impactful to the world my toils are. There are days when I would feel extra egotistical about how great a person I am. And then I look up and see the overpowering colors of the sunset, and realize that “Sh*t. I am literally just dust.” The heavens can give me a good dose of humility. No matter how smart and capable I think I am, there is always a greater force that I should give reverence to. Call it God, spirit, or whatever. The point is that I am not the end-all and be-all of the universe, and there is a great vastness that I do not and I can never understand.

The sky reminds me to be grateful.

After one long day in school, stressed by group mates, and overworking on projects until past midnight, I found myself looking out my window and just seeing a bright full moon and stars glimmering. And at that moment, there was nothing I could say or feel, except “Thank you.” The sky has the effect of keeping me in awe, leaving me grateful for the chance to witness just how majestic it can be.

The sky reminds me that we are all connected.

There’s a song of Ocean Avenue that goes “we’re looking up at the same night sky”. And although the lyrics of the song is completely unrelated, I thought that they were right. We are looking at the same night sky. Two lovers, no matter how far apart they are. Soldiers, fighting for different sides of war. Regardless of race, economic class, gender, religion, or whatever made-up classification we have for one another, we all live under the same sky. In this sense, we are really no different from everyone else. In this sense too, we are never truly “away” from our loved ones – even if we travel halfway across the world. The concept is flawed, but when I feel homesick, this idea gives me a little bit of comfort.

There are more metaphors I can relate to the sky. But these are the major reasons why looking up is my compass. How about you, what do you consider to be your compass and why? I would love to hear about it. ♦



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